October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Student Web Developers: A Win-Win for the Students and the Community

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First floor foyer, Frontier Airlines Center


The Augustana Web Guild is a student organization that provides affordable Web presence to nonprofit organizations and small businesses.  Since it was founded in 1998, the Web Guild has developed over 200 client sites and has provided many students with opportunities to learn more than just web design. Students work directly with clients, enabling them to build skills in project management and communication.  Members also participate in training seminars which the Web Guild provides to the Augustana campus each term. So far, topics have covered site content, design, PHP and an introduction to Photoshop and HTML. As part of its internal expansion, they plan to provide additional training on new technologies which have not become part of the established curriculum yet.

The group, based on an entrepreneurial model, is self-funding, has created its own endowed scholarship and provides educational benefits across many different disciplines but particularly computer science majors. A national College Web Guild organization was started this year to assist other schools in building their own Web Guild organizations, with the hope networking between schools will increase and inter-collegiate projects will be encouraged.



Andrew Shearouse
Co-President, Augustana Web Guild

Andrew Shearouse is a sophomore at Augustana College and an active member of the Augustana Web Guild. He has experience with website design and HTML/CSS.

Ben Fischer
Programmer, Augustana Web Guild

Ben Fischer is in his senior year, majoring in computer science and philosophy at Augustana College.  He has worked as a janitor, retail sales associate and programmer -- his favorite position has been in programming, followed closely by the custodial job, with retail in a very distant third.  He is a four year member of the Augustana Web Guild where he's worked primarily on web applications using PHP and Javascript; he also does software architecture and workflow design.