October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Why I Left Higher Ed — and Why You Should Stay

#PST40 Poster Sessions Track

First floor foyer, Frontier Airlines Center


At one time or another, you've probably considered leaving higher ed to work in another sector. (And if you haven't, you undoubtedly have one or more direct reports or colleagues who have.) Maybe it's the low pay or scarce resources, maybe it's for a change of pace, maybe it's the politics -- or maybe it's the private sector's promise of a shorter sales cycle, a diverse target or more dynamic new-product development.
This visually oriented poster session will air out both "push" and "pull" factors like these, as well as structural issues like the student-debt bubble, tenure, competition and decentralization. It'll take a look some of higher ed's more fearsome boogeymen straight in the eye. For some of us (myself included), higher ed's downside might turn out to be heavy — but if the higher-ed mission is for you, these problems are among the most exciting challenges you'll be called to tackle. Let's talk about them!


Jon Boyd
Digital Communications Manager, InterVarsity Press

Jon Boyd is not a professional career counselor but he does spend a lot of time thinking about what he (and those around him) are doing day in and day out. This summer, he left higher ed for the publishing industry, after a stint leading the communications team at North Park University (and before that, a Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins in preparation to be a history professor). This poster session draws on his own experience, his readings in professional development, and his study of the history and current state of higher education in America.