October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Session Details

Website, Heal Thyself: Constructing an Integrated Academic Health Center Web Presence

#PST38 Poster Sessions Track

First floor foyer, Frontier Airlines Center


Building an Academic Health Center web presence is a unique challenge. It is the crossroads between academic institutions, research entities and clinical medical practices, combining the concerns of both a higher education institution and a medical facility. Starting from a patient-focused audience perspective, UF&Shands, the University of Florida Academic Health Center, radically transformed its web presence. In under a year, over 300 websites from six colleges, five major research institutes, five hospitals and scores of related clinics - spread geographically across Florida - have been moved into an integrated, multi-platform web environment. In our poster presentation, we’ll outline the process we used in successfully deploying a multiple CMS system (Drupal and WordPress) that builds from numerous data sources to create a unified taxonomy-driven, patient-focused portal and how that portal delivers dynamic content to the WordPress systems running concurrent to it. We’ll also discuss how communications, marketing, administration and content providers came together to drive the process and developed a unified visual branding for the system.


Jeff Stevens
Web Content Optimizer, UF&Shands Web Services

Jeff Stevens has worn many hats in his 12 year higher education career: graphic designer, web developer, content manager, social media coordinator, writer. He's also been known to throw on a big old cowboy hat. Having served as webmaster for University of Florida Student Financial Affairs and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, he now acts as Web Content Optimizer for UF&Shands, the University of Florida Academic Health Center, where he advises on analytics, search engine optimization, usability, accessibility, information architecture and social media metrics. Stevens is also the Creative Director for Union Design & Photo, a freelance graphic and web design agency that has worked with hundreds of small business and trade organization clients, and co-art director for Link: the Higher Education Web Professionals.

Carlos Morales
Assistant Director, UF&Shands Web Services, UF&Shands Web Services

Carlos Morales began designing websites in the mid-90s while being completely enamored by the Hot Dog HTML editing software and the seemingly endless supply of MIDI files that needed to be posted on the web. Soon the shiny and welcoming exterior of HTML wore off and he was lost for several generations. Lured in by the appeal of FPS and MMORPG worlds, many nights were lost to these deviant technologies. Desperate to clean up his act, Morales found himself at the footsteps of UF. The kind souls brought him in and cleaned him up, providing shelter and nourishment. He hasn’t left since. He can sometimes be found wandering the halls still searching for red armor. When Morales isn't busy fixing current websites, he acts as assistant director for the Web Services team, attempting to lead his troupe of gifted technicians to the land of semantically correct code; beautiful and usable websites; and satisfied customers.

James Young
Web Designer, UF&Shands Web Services

After a successful run as a pizza delivery driver, James Young discovered the existence of the internets, hung up his magnetic car-top sign and hasn’t looked back since. His knack for stewing pixels into succulent ambrosias led him to UF’s Academic Health Center where he takes great pride in beautifying this ever-expanding corner of the web. When not polishing interfaces or making designs pop, Young enjoys spending time with his family.