October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Building a Student-Powered Marketing Machine

#PST2 Poster Sessions Track

First floor foyer, Frontier Airlines Center


JMU Technology and Design provides creative services to all units in University Unions. Our clients include Event Management, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Off Campus Life, Student Activities, and Leadership Programs as well as the bldg. operations for the campus centers where those teams reside: Festival and Madison Union. We have nearly two dozen employees, but only two are full-time staff members. The rest are some of the most talented students on campus, not only Art and Computer Science majors but also Finance and Business students. Each provides his or her own unique contribution. In the words of a recent graduate: "As individuals, we are quirky, poorly-tuned instruments...but together, we are a perfect symphony."  We help our clients market their services and programs by providing high-quality design, photo/video and reporting services for online and offline media. We design logos, posters, brochures, awards and certificates (just to name a few). Our developers build websites, the designers make them beautiful and the photographers, videographers and writers work together to create meaningful content. Our services evolve with the changing the needs of our clients and the opportunities presented by emerging technologies. We support and promote the mission of University Unions, "Create a community that prepares students to become educated and enlightened citizens." We support our student employees by allowing them to practice their crafts in a challenging but collaborative environment. We want to support the larger community of higher ed. web professionals by providing a case study of what we do, how we do it and the lessons we learned along the way. What We Will Cover Our intention is for this presentation to provide very specific, actionable information on:

  •  The benefits of having an embedded creative services and marketing team in your student union, campus and/or IT department.
  •  What it takes to create a creative services unit administratively.
     How to recognize, recruit, attract, reward and retain the most creative and talented student employees.
  •  Defining and measuring success for clients and student employees.
  •  Creating a sustainable, active, professional creative community by having former student employees that are employed, advise on current projects, job prospects for current employees and changing industry standards.


Frank Ameka
Asst. Dir. Office of Technology & Design, James Madison University

Ameka leads James Madison's Office of Technology and Design to produce wonderful products and capture memories of a lifetime.  His roles include Marketing, Design, Photography, Video, Animation, Web Development, Content Generation and review, Staff Supervision and the Technological Advisor for University Unions. Ameka has mentored numerous student employees that have gone to work for Apple, IBM, Greenfield/Belser Ltd, USA TODAY, L3 Communications, Touch 3, The State Department and many others. He has had success is video, photography, design and management of creative & talented individuals. He enjoys working with creative teams, mentoring them and cultivating their skills for the job market.

Annette Liskey
IT Coordinator, James Madison University

Liskey is an information technology professional with training experience, currently teaching website design, Microsoft Office and ESL. She has a background in technical support and customer service with emphasis on web server technology and educational software. Her position includes mentoring and guiding the web development and writing teams, keeping the servers online and staying on the edge of what comes next in higher education web technology.