October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Making Faculty (Research) Work For You: Launching a Magazine in the Digital Age

#PST18 Poster Sessions Track

First floor foyer, Frontier Airlines Center


Promoting faculty scholarship can seem like an esoteric challenge without immediate payoff, but it’s a battle worth fighting—and the web helps to even the field. Research is one of the most powerful ways that universities can elevate their reputation and rankings—which heavily impact donor development and recruitment efforts, on both the graduate and undergraduate levels. But how do you take “boring,” “stuffy” research and interpret it for the modern, pulsating digital media landscape so that it appeals to prospective students, practitioners, and peer schools alike? You must carefully determine how to talk about faculty research in a way that translates your school’s strengths, and build an engaging website and deliver in a variety of formats. Content plus strategy equals success. As people become increasingly sophisticated consumers of information, our tactics to pique their interest must follow. The challenge is to turn academic prose into digestible, thought-provoking stories. By building a content repository, you can feed the many beasts that come begging. And with content in hand, you can identify the most effective channel(s) for your primary, secondary, and tertiary audiences—keeping in mind that they may differ. In a rapidly-changing world, practitioners are looking for efficient ways to keep up with the latest thinking: our research. And if it’s not packaged as news and delivered with an outstanding user experience, the audience won’t read it. But if we succeed, we create high value for students and attract supporters who want to make a difference.


Laura Caruso
Web Production Coordinator, American University

Laura Caruso has a varied background in web design, marketing, and communications. She currently serves as the Web Production Coordinator at American University’s Kogod School of Business. In her role at Kogod, Caruso maintains the business school’s website, and frequently designs and develops special web projects, such as the Kogod Now website. Prior to joining American University in 2011, Caruso served as a Web, Marketing, and Communications Specialist at a privately-held consulting firm and an Admissions Aide at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).