October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Bionic Infrastructure: We Can Rebuild It…We Have the Technology

#PST1 Poster Sessions Track

First floor foyer, Frontier Airlines Center


When was the last time you thought about your infrastructure—really dug in to the nuts and bolts systems that host your websites?  

The software, equipment and configuration you choose for your web environment impacts the kind of content you can host and the applications you can run.  

Advances in infrastructure design have made it possible to spin-up, serve-up and scale-up feature-rich, dynamic web experiences giving you flexibility while delivering stability.

Isn’t it time you ask: Is your hosting environment serving your website—or is your website serving your environment?




Roger Wolf
Assistant Director of Web Communications, UCF

Roger Wolf has eight years experience as a Web Strategist for the University of Central Florida, 15 years experience as a Web Professional and two years teaching Web/UI design. He holds a BA in Psychology and a MFA in Computer Art and Design.

Chris Conover
Programmer, UCF

Chris Conover is a web applications developer on the Web Communications Team in the UCF's Marketing department. With five years of experience designing and building web applications, he is part of the team responsible for creating and maintaining websites in support of UCF's recruiting, marketing and public information initiatives.