October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Session Details

Making Sense of Multimedia: Assisting Faculty, Staff and Students

#PST19 Poster Sessions Track

First floor foyer, Frontier Airlines Center


Providing support to faculty, staff and students for any type of technology can be an arduous undertaking, but possibly more so when it comes to multimedia creation. In addition, experts at multimedia production often assume that “It’s so easy, anyone can do it.” Where can the novices go for help? The various combinations of both hardware and software can be harrowing to any newbie of the craft. With so many choices, what are the best options? SUNY Oswego has introduced Multimedia Services - Campus Technology Services and Penfield Library have collaborated to provide a Multimedia Production Room. The room includes both a PC and Mac with special multimedia hardware and software that can help users create any number of multimedia projects, including custom podcasts and videos. In addition to the multimedia resources mentioned, they also have dedicated personnel to assist faculty, staff and students with their questions and inquiries. During our discussion, we will share with you some of the tools we employ to run the gambit of authoring hugely spectacular and glitzy productions to your run of the mill everyday podcasts - including solutions that you can use in your web browser without installing any software. We will also discuss our training methods for those on campus, the documentation we have on our multimedia websites, our future plans for the room, as well as our marketing approach.


Daniel Laird
Media and Design Specialist, SUNY Oswego

Daniel Laird has been working for SUNY Oswego since 2007. Now working in a brand new role as Media and Design Specialist for Campus Technology Services, he is in charge of maintaining and updating the look and feel of the CTS website, as well as creating new media to service the departments many needs. He plays an integral role on the Lecture Capture Pilot committee whose objective was recently achieved by choosing an application currently being implemented across campus. Laird also is a member of the Campus Web committee that oversees ongoing CMS projects and is looking to implement a campus portal by the end of the year.

Emily Thompson
Learning Technologies Librarian, SUNY Oswego, Penfield Library

Emily Thompson is a newly minted librarian who graduated from the University of Michigan's School of Information in 2011. She started at SUNY Oswego in October, and has been spending her time seeking out new software and teaching students and faculty how to use it. In addition, Thompson is the co-host of The LiTTech Show, a weekly podcast on librarianship and technology for EdReach.us.