October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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SharePoint Hotline: The Ups and Downs of Training & Educating Web Editors

#PST26 Poster Sessions Track

First floor foyer, Frontier Airlines Center


Providence College is unique in that every department has at least one person who is responsible for managing their department's web presence. What does that mean for us? An endless supply of stories to tell at cocktail parties -- but it also means needing to have a robust, multifaceted training system in place that's not only informative and easy-to-use but assembled in a creative way. Why? Because each person has a unique style of learning and it's our job to accommodate as many of those styles as possible. Right out of the gate, most of our current web editors had no clue how to write for the web or perform basic tasks like optimize images, embed videos or insert links, but we've managed to bring them up to speed and most are sailing along smoothly. We surely have our "regulars" that are expected to call or instant message us like clockwork with the most random of questions on a weekly or daily basis (and so we have the root of our cocktail stories) but it's given us an opportunity to better understand their skill level and foresee potential pitfalls, thus being able to help them more efficiently. Join Jenn Shurkus as she discusses the proven techniques used to train Providence College's army of 200 and walk away with some great tips on how you can do the same be it with five or 500.


Jenn Shurkus
Web Designer, Providence College

Jenn Shurkus (@jennshurkus) is the Web Designer for Providence College in Rhode Island where she is responsible for the look and feel of the external website and also leads the newly-formed WordPress blogging initiative. In addition to working at Providence College she's a creative instructor, designer and artist working with paint and paper mediums. You can view her website at www.shurkus.com.