October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Leaving Facebook: 5 Reasons Your School Doesn't Need It Anymore

#PST17 Poster Sessions Track

First floor foyer, Frontier Airlines Center


We've learned a lot from the social web. Building on the shoulders of platforms like Facebook designed to offer services for communication that are ostensibly free, Higher Education has been changed. But as the saying goes "nothing gold can stay." Before Facebook has the chance to become less instructive and more disruptive in the Higher Education Industry, and before the industry becomes too dependent on the "free" services Facebook offers in exchange for student data (let's be real, that's the trade off) it is time to sever the ties. Like a bird that now has wings, it is time for Higher Education to leave Facebook and fly on its own into a new social web future that more closely matches its needs. But what must that look like? Internal proprietary tools? More paid vendor solutions? The discussion about where to go starts now with leaving Facebook.


Douglas Lee Miller
New Media Manager, DePaul University

Social Curator, Content Generator, Perspective Shifter-ator, New Media Wrangler: Douglas Lee Miller is a New Media Manager for DePaul University. He also consults with other organizations regarding mobile and social media strategy and deployment, new media and career development, personal digital strategy, attention management, and emerging media technologies. His formal training comes from digital storytelling and film production and he has been working in media, marketing, and technology in the higher education industry for over 15 years.