October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Session Details

Inbound Marketing Workshop: From Content Ideation and Social Media to SEO and Analytics

#WRK4 Workshops Track

102 C, Frontier Airlines Center


In the ever-changing world of marketing and communications, it is increasingly important to be agile in testing new media, setting key performance indicators, and evaluating your results. We will explain why this is so important and how you can ensure that your inbound strategy takes advantage of the flexibility that agile marketing techniques can afford your institution.  We will start and end this workshop with an interactive discussion of inbound marketing strategies, and provide instructive presentations on the use of individual components of inbound marketing, including goal setting and measurement; content ideation and creation techniques; search engine optimization; the use of social media and how to incorporate analytics into your strategy. Beginners can expect to leave the workshop with a solid understanding of how these pieces fit together and how universities can leverage them to improve student application rates, enrollment rates, alumni engagement, student communications and donor conversions. 


Caitlin vonHedemann
Web Marketing Specialist, Hannon Hill

Caitlin vonHedemann is a Web Marketing Specialist with considerable experience in inbound marketing for Hannon Hill’s internal start-up, Spectate, itself an inbound marketing platform.  She blogs, writes, researches, designs, curates and creates to spread the word about inbound marketing techniques and raise brand awareness. Additionally, vonHedemann contributes significantly to the development of new features in Spectate, hosts webinars, conducts training on inbound marketing, and has written white papers on topics such as search engine optimization. Before joining Hannon Hill, she spent four years managing a website for a local Atlanta silver shop, creating content, designing online ads, blogging and optimizing for search. She studied at University of Virginia and Columbia University, where she learned about web graphics and created several websites. vonHedemann also worked for Apple, and she designed and created content for an iPhone app.