October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Session Details

All in the game: Mobilizing your campus transmedia

#AIM8 Applications, Integration and Mobile Track

102 D & E, Frontier Airlines Center


For the 2012 enrollment cycle the small marketing & creative services team at Trinity International University crafted an elaborate real-world/digital-world game. Our goal was to provide a welcoming, exciting experience to our newly accepted students, getting them into the community and developing relationships faster. Played on campus, on Facebook, and anywhere a camera can go, our students organized and mobilized, creating the personality our campus needed and producing more content than our team ever could have alone. 

This presentation is part case-study, part lesson in transmedia marketing We will look at the game itself, the outcomes it produced, and the pragmatic strategies developed to pull it off.


Joel G Goodman
Principal, Bravery Transmedia

Joel G Goodman has six years of experience in online marketing for higher ed and another four in integrated marketing in the music and entertainment industries. Most recently he served as Web Marketing Manager for Trinity International University, just north of Chicago. Earlier this year he set out on his own, relocating to Austin, TX and creating an agency called Bravery Transmedia, providing web marketing consultation and services, from design to copywriting to strategic planning. For four years he has operated as Art Director / Lead Developer for Dept. 3, a full-service design studio in Los Angeles. Recently, Joel completed a Master of Arts in Media Studies from The New School for Public Engagement, authoring a thesis entitled "Our Foreign Selves: Mapping Transnational Media in a Real-Time World".