October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Session Details

How to Look and Feel Awesome with Emerging Technologies

#WRK8 Workshops Track

103 C, Frontier Airlines Center


In higher ed, we're no strangers to doing more with less. We have less manpower, but higher expectations. We have fewer resources, but more responsibilities. We need new ways to curate content, to shine while presenting information and to make things interesting for our users. But it doesn't have to be mission impossible. You, too, can be a disruptive technologist. Let's talk disruptive technology and how you can use it to win friends and influence people. Need ways to curate information in an interesting format? We've got apps for that. Want a way to collaborate with coworkers that doesn't share internal information to outsiders? We've got ways to do that, too. How about growing your community? We're way ahead of you. In this workshop, you will explore emerging technologies to embed in your sites, add to the conversation, and add to your repertoire of looking good and being awesome. And really, who can't use an inside track to awesome?


Robin Smail
Renegade Element, Firebrand Tribe

What is there to say about Robin2go? She is loud. She is a chewy center of enthusiasm, wrapped in a shiny candy coating of laughter. She has an uncanny ability to build community around her just by walking into a room. She's notorious in the higher ed community, as inescapable as her brilliantly red hair, always favors authenticity over political correctness, and can tie any lesson to a Firefly/Serenity quote. Her career highlights include having a job that pays her to play with technology and people, and that, for some unknown reason, people invite her to speak at conferences on user experience, community engagement, organizational outreach, and knitting. Also, she can kill you with her brain.