October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Session Details

The Care & Feeding of Your Vendor

#MPD7 Management and Professional Development Track

103 A & B, Frontier Airlines Center


The client/vendor relationship can be both a blessing and a challenge -- and is as important as the rapport you have with colleagues around campus. Together you can partner for some great success ... as long as you both have established strong working expectations, processes and frameworks (and even perhaps a little bit of friendship) along the way. This session will highlight tips and tactics for keeping that relationship as mutually beneficial as possible so that you can complete projects that both sides are proud of! Colleen and Fran have years of experience working in higher education, and have worked together and on their own with numerous third party companies, from full-service mega-agencies to niche-market contractors - they’ve even won some awards in the process! Fran now works on ‘the other side’ for a consulting company, so expect a discussion that covers the topic from both sides’ perspectives.


Fran Zablocki
Project Manager, mStoner

Fran Zablocki has worked the last 7 years in higher education trying to create better web experiences for all the various people that interact with a college online. He has been an online community manager, web communications manager and web producer. He now works as a project manager at mStoner as part of an awesome team that helps colleges around the country realize their strategic web communications goals through smart, sustainable solutions. In his spare time he travels, reads, plays games of strategy and enjoys the company of great friends.

Colleen Brennan-Barry
Assistant Director, College & Community Relations, Monroe Community College

Colleen Brennan-Barry has worked in higher education communications and Web for 10 years and is currently Assistant Director of College & Community Relations (Web Communications) for Monroe Community College in Rochester, N.Y., as well as marketing & attendee relations manager for the 2012 HighEdWeb annual conference and a member of the Higher Education Web Professionals Association board of directors. In her spare time, she gardens, travels, spends quality time in her hammock, and is a proud member of the awesome Roc City Roller Derby.