October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Session Details

Building a Strategic Plan

#MPD9 Management and Professional Development Track

103 A & B, Frontier Airlines Center


Using the four-step process that is the basis for public relations planning, this session will show you how to create a strategic plan. We will focus on creating a strategic communications plan, but this process can be used for most types of strategic planning. Creating a written document in this form will not only make you appear intelligent, but it may actually help you in getting your ideas accepted as you propose projects at your institution. Learning this planning process tool is a life changer for many professionals.


Douglas Tschopp
Entrepreneurial Center Director, Augustana College

Doug Tschopp is the Entrepreneurial Center Director at Augustana College in Illinois. He has also served as the Director of Marketing since 1992 and served as the school's webmaster for eight years. He is a full-time administrator who teaches public relations and advises student organizations focused on Web and advertising. His long history with this conference includes pioneering a track focused on content and design, and he is now in his 10th year as the conference's program chair. Tschopp received a BA in accounting and business administration (and a minor in economics) from St. Ambrose College. His MBA is from the University of Iowa.