October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Session Details

Campus Change Agent: Build a Campus Web Community Where There is None

#MPD8 Management and Professional Development Track

103 A & B, Frontier Airlines Center


Do you have lots of web people on your campus? Feel like there are no cohesive bonds? Even in our siloed higher ed culture, it just takes a small dedicated group to rally the troops. We will explore how to build community on a campus through various different approaches including creating a university web group to provide leadership, idea exchange and learning opportunities for web professionals and others around campus. Work to create collaborative web policies that will enable people to do things following best practices. Create a culture of open data so people will embrace the use of central tools. Blog about the state of web on campus and keep an open and continued dialogue. Provide campus thought leadership and advise executives on major decisions. Create collaborative spaces where people from different teams can work to solve common problems on campus. Build campus wide tools that leverage and produce open source software and have open planning sessions with community members. Have coffee talks with community members to provide advice, be an advocate or simply lend a friendly ear. Do work pro-bono to help people with their goals that will also advance campus goals. Look outside of campus to leverage local tech and entrepreneurship. And last but not least look to the national communities UwebD, BlogHighEd, HigherEDLive, eduStyle etc. and our friendly peer institutions to provide solutions and best practices for campus. We must recognize that no one person is able to create a better web on campus or community, therefore we must be open to a plan that encourages networking, cooperative relationships with others outside the campus, and implementation of practices that may reach our goal of a simple “better web on campus.”


Matt Herzberger
Director of Web Communications, Florida International University

Matt is the Director of Web Communication at Florida International University. He has more than thirteen years of Web experience with ten years in higher education. He started in the corporate world as a production assistant for a higher ed web design agency where he produced sites for various universities and colleges. He then moved into higher education as a designer and strategist for various higher ed institutions. Matt is active in both the higher ed and local Miami communities in advocating for the use of web technologies as a speaker and community leader in both. He is also a co-founder of the BlogHighEd blog network.