October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Web Content Strategy: Effectively Pairing Multimedia, Social Media, and Text

#MCS8 Marketing, Content, and Social Strategy Track

102 A & B, Frontier Airlines Center


Web content is continuously growing and encompasses more than just text. Every day, social media and multimedia play greater roles in content strategy and accompany or replace textual content. But how can you effectively pair multimedia, social media, and textual content throughout your institution’s website to provide an interactive, yet distinct, user experience? Most higher education institutions have content that can be repurposed into new formats; however, to be the most efficient in online content strategy, you must figure out not only how much material can be reused but also how to reuse it effectively. Don’t reinvent the wheel—build content strategy around institutional branding, department goals, and audience expectations. Think about creating multiple content strategies, each around different goals and different audiences: What does an alumnus need versus a donor? What does a prospective student expect versus a parent? In the end, the outcome of repurposing content in multiple channels can be tremendous.


Romana Amato
Web Strategist, Saint Xavier University

Romana Amato received her bachelor of arts in English from Saint Xavier University and master of arts in writing and publishing from DePaul University. She began her career in web as the web content editor for Saint Xavier University and has since become SXU’s web strategist. As web strategist, she researches, identifies, and implements best practices in design and content to keep the website current; reviews, edits, and rewrites as necessary submitted content for optimal web consumption; and maintains the website’s voice, integrity, and outreach to appropriate audiences.