October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Session Details

The New (Responsive) World Order: Lessons from a 500,000 page Responsive Design

#UAD7 Usability, Accessibility and Design Track

102 C, Frontier Airlines Center


A mobile website necessity can become the foundation for one of the greatest advancements of web development. In a sense, mobile devices have derailed our web development trains, and put us on a track to a more exciting, scalable and adaptable destination. In the spring of 2012, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) designed, developed and implemented a 500,000 page responsive redesign. From concept to delivery, this redevelopment was coordinated in only a few months, and resulted in the largest architectural overhaul in the history of the site; all without redesigning the look and feel or requiring extensive markup adjustments. In this presentation, we’ll dive into the process used at UNL which resulted in a new and exciting paradigm for delivering web content to our users. We’ll explore what worked (and what didn’t), and provide many tips and tricks learned throughout the process. We will evaluate special CSS techniques and JavaScript solutions, and explore other technologies available to make this paradigm-shift successful. At the end of this presentation, you will take away tried and true practices for creating a responsive design that will provide your users with a tailored experience, regardless of device.


Seth Meranda
User Experience Architect, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Seth Meranda, the User Experience Architect, develops web strategy and UX/UI for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (unl.edu). As part of this position, He also coordinates a comprehensive web analytics strategy. Meranda enjoys designing user interfaces in Photoshop, implementing them with the latest front-end technologies and measuring the results. In addition to his work at UNL, he is an associate consultant for Noel-Levitz, an international enrollment management leader. Seth enjoys his opportunity to work with clients across the country on digital strategies for recruitment, retention and measurement through web analytics.  He has had the privilege to present at many national conferences on internet and interactive strategies over the years, including HighEdWeb.