October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Session Details

DevOps: Making Development, Testing & Production Easier

#TPR1 Technical: Propeller Hats Required Track

103 C, Frontier Airlines Center


DevOps helps developers and system administrators of productions systems work together in an easier, more fluid and agile style. This presentation will follow the lifecycle of software development, touching on development tools, automated testing, continuous integration (think Jenkins/Hudson) and deployment. Then add on feedback, rinse and repeat: a continuous improvement process for your website!


C. Daniel Chase
Web Developer, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Dan Chase brings a sense of humor about life to his specialty in Web development, having worked for the past 10+ years in a university as webmaster, systems administrator, database specialist, and developer; as a contractor; and for the museum and archives environment. Chase’s experience has given him the knowledge to share with his audience how they should be using Web technology in their implementations. The major advantage that he brings to a speaking engagement is his special ability to translate technical jargon into English for the audience. He loves to help audience members get simple explanations for problems or issues they have not been able to find elsewhere in an understandable manner.