October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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One Site To Rule Them All - Mobile & Traditional Sites Come Together

#UAD9 Usability, Accessibility and Design Track

102 C, Frontier Airlines Center


Do you feel completely overwhelmed with the mobile web discussion in Higher Ed? If you do, you are not alone. Many institutions are trying to get their mobile presence going while still providing all the features and functions of their traditional site. The task is overwhelming and can result in a split website! Utah Valley University has also been working on this challenge for some time now. They started with a mobile web site to augment their traditional site. Now, with a new web site structure that works wonders at bringing the mobile and traditional sites together, they are able to still keep the mobile and traditional experiences unique while keeping their content fresh through their content managers. Come take a moment to breathe and see what UVU has done utilizing design concepts in adaptive/responsive design, 320 and up, mobile first, and native gestures. Also see how they have taken it to "the next level" by using their existing CMS to create "web apps", a combination of native app functions but within the web framework of HTML5 and jQuery.


Nathan Gerber
Director - Web Development Services, Utah Valley University

Nathan Gerber, Director of Web Development Services at UVU) is a web solutions advocate specializing in helping educational institutions build effective and productive web solutions. Since 1993, Gerber has assisted many businesses and educational institutions in creating their web systems. As technologies evolve, he works with the UVU community to be a driving force in helping move their web systems in the right direction. He is a devoted father of 5 children and loving husband of Janelle, his wife of 21 years. You’ll often hear him say, “I’ve never met any technology that is as good-looking as my wife.”