October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Session Details

A Case Study in Collaboration and Buy-In: How InCommon Federated Login Got Us Unstuck

#AIM5 Applications, Integration and Mobile Track

102 D & E, Frontier Airlines Center


For almost two years, the IT Services design team theme song was: "Yes I'm stuck in the middle with you. And I'm wondering what it is I should do..." This session will tell the story of how Don Faulkner, Lane Roberts and Starla Stensaas of the University of Arkansas created buy-in to move from a non-compliant Wild West of developer-generated forms and applications to the implementation of a Bootstrap template and form style guide. Today, they’re happily looking for a new theme song.

Propeller hats will find a rich source of information on Shibboleth as the launch of InCommon Federated authentication for our student Gmail rollout; the presenters will also discuss how InCommon became the catalyst for creating buy-in for the new style guide's implementation.



Starla Stensaas
Communicaiton Manager, University of Arkansas

Starla Stensaas is currently the communication manager for IT Services where she works with a variety of technical teams and supervises the web development and user documentation staff. She has worked as a web professional since the 1990s, first as a tenured faculty member in the art department and later as a higher education professional. She designed and implemented a B.F.A. program in eDesign and a cross-disciplinary major in iMedia. She holds an M.F.A. in graphic design from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Lane Roberts
Senior Web and Application Developer, University of Arkansas

Lane Roberts is currently Senior Web and Application Developer for IT Services at the University of Arkansas, although he isn’t always sure whether he is on the technical team or the design team. Previously, he was Interactive Developer for Corporate 3 Design in Omaha, Nebraska where he constructed client websites and content management systems. He has extensive experience with open source software and technologies. He holds a B.A. in iMedia with a concentration in graphic design.

Don Faulkner
Senior Security Analyst, University of Arkansas

Don Faulkner is a Senior Security Analyst for the University of Arkansas, where he is challenged daily to find elegant solutions to interesting problems ranging from identity and access management to cloud security to policy development. Previously, he was IS Director of the Engineering Institute, supporting accident reconstruction research, and CSO of Rainbow Spectria, a development firm emphasizing secure development practices. He has worked as a professional security consultant for over 15 years, for clients such as Merck Medco, Edward Jones and the US Government. He was a principal contributor to Three Layer Analysis, a methodology for creating information systems with a high degree of resistance to successive compromise, and is the inventor of the External Security Provider, a method of separating security from operational logic within applications. Faulkner holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Arkansas, as well as a CISSP certification.