October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Web Application and Site Mapping with Cucumber and PhantomJS

#TPR7 Technical: Propeller Hats Required Track


Learn how to use Cucumber to specify Web site and application content and behavior in plain-ish English, automatically execute tests that confirm it, and take screen shots along the way with PhantomJS. Learn how to use this tool mashup to aid in developer and subject matter expert communications, or to automatically create and update slideshow tours of your interactive web application or static site.


Jason Woodward
CTO, RecoVend, Inc.

Jason Woodward has been a software engineer since 1996 and has been building Web applications since 1998. He built the software running the world's first downloadable music subscription service, EMusic.com, in the first dotcom boom. After returning to school, he built Web content management and administrative Web applications for Cornell University. He left in 2011 to pursue his own ventures, eventually co-founding RecoVend, Inc. Woodward's interests lie in the areas of human cooperation, information interoperability, and where those topics meet: communication of information and knowledge. He holds a BS and M.Eng in computer science from Cornell University.