October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Session Details

Rethinking the Virtual Tour: An Immersive Experience that's More Than A Map

#MCS3 Marketing, Content, and Social Strategy Track

102 A & B, Frontier Airlines Center


The traditional college virtual tour often revolves around a clickable map featuring an overhead view of campus -- far different from walking around campuswith a student ambassador tour guide. The RIT Undergraduate Admissions office set out to create an immersive and interactive tour-like experience that mimics aspects of the real-world tour while also embracing geographically-based media available on the internet, including Google Street View, student-recorded tour information, social media widgets, photos and videos. While RIT’s tour relies heavily on Street View, the principles explored here can be applied to different types of media. The presentation will focus on the model used to collaboratively develop the tour, tips for universities who wish to do the same, an overview of the technologies that power it, how it was received by student, and what the future may be like for timeline-movie-based content in a web browser. Check out the tour in beta at http://www.rit.edu/emcs/admissions/tourdev/in . 


John-Paul Takats
Web Analyst, Rochester Institute of Technology

John-Paul Takats is a Web Analyst currently at RIT Undergraduate Admissions with experience developing sites with usability, simplicity and search engine optimization in mind. He utilizes some of the latest open source technologies such as Joomla and other content management systems to build efficient sites that are easy to maintain.