October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Session Details

How To Build a Web Unit On Cost Recovery – A UNSW Case Study

#AIM11 Applications, Integration and Mobile Track

102 D & E, Frontier Airlines Center


Web units in higher education are under increasing amounts of financial pressure to deliver projects on tight deadlines, often with a lack of resources. In this session, you will be presented with a case study of how a successful web unit was built in two years on a cost recovery model in a way that has delivered high quality service to project stakeholders while saving the university hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on digital spend. This presentation will cover the approach taken in setting up the web unit, our strategies to reduce costs and increase efficiency, a new way of looking at web as a service, a strategic overview of how the unit is financed and generates revenue and key insights from the last two years.


David Turnbull
Manager, UNSW Web and Innovation, University of New South Wales

David Turnbull is the Manager, UNSW Web and Innovation and Manager of the Central Web Unit at the University of New South Wales. He began his web career in 1995 and has accumulated a vast amount of experience delivering projects for employers and clients across web and mobile. Having spent 7 years in senior strategy and executive producer roles, he has previously built successful in-house digital production teams in a number of organizations, and has spent the last two years driving the growth of the Central Web Unit at UNSW. His core interests lie in user focused strategies and design, and the Agile project methodology.