October 7-10, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Session Details

Get Real! Adventures in real-time web applications

#TPR5 Technical: Propeller Hats Required Track

103 C, Frontier Airlines Center


This presentation will give a brief introduction to developing real-time features in web applications using several approaches. David DeMello will answer the question of how to procure or stand up a real-time server using either the paid service pusher.com or the open source Node.js project Juggernaut. We'll look at a simple application like Flash-free room-based chat and/or in-class polling/quizing on mobile devices and discuss the basic architecture and the division of work between the server and client. The example will most likely use Node.js and a Ruby library and rails app on the server and will also provide a chance to discuss good Javascript practice on the client using a framework such as Spline or Backbone. The focus will be on getting an application up quickly that session attendees can use right away with any device. 


David DeMello
Director of Web and Digital Strategy, Cornell University - ILR School

David DeMello has worked on the web in Higher Education for 15 years. He has worn many hats and has worked as a programmer, database and systems administrator, web master, designer, user researcher, information architect, writer, strategic director, evangelist, educator and fixer. By day, almost all of that work has been for the ILR School at Cornell University. In 2003, he oversaw the development of an in-house CMS that, among other things, implemented an early form of Ajax two years before JJG gave it a name. He knows the value of giving things names. He is interested in progressive/adaptive/responsive design, alternate interfaces (a.k.a., assistive technologies), bending CMSs to our will, learning new languages, re-learning old languages (e.g., Javascript), web typography, the future of the book, coaching and, lately, governance models. His BA from Cornell University is in English/American Lit.